Justinas Beinorius

Web, Mobile App, and VR Developer | Cybersecurity Enthusiast


Looking back at what got me interested in IT... Like most kids of the 90s, I experienced the exciting transition from analog to digital. Technology was a way for me to express myself, experiment, and better understand myself.

Currently, I'm a freelance developer fully focused on delivering value to my clients by building software that simply works.

Something that worries me is the lack of peace in the world, for which I'm turning to Buddhist practices.

I believe that Earth, being the center of life (as far as we know), makes it our mission to expand outwards from this center. Everything else that does not serve this mission is a waste of time.

  • Name: Justinas Beinorius
  • Age: 35
  • Experience: 10+ years
  • Location: Lithuania

My skills